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Tent Village

During the Olympics in Vancouver, on the Downtown Eastside, my sister and I went crusin’ around with baby Lily.  We walked by the tent village.  Here’s a few of the moments we chanced on.

The Probster

My first car photoshoot!  And what better model than The Probster.  It was a lovely evening and sunset by YVR, and the warm light was just..  Perfect. 

ps.  Would you love to see The Probster in your driveway?  She’s for sale!  Just comment if you are interested and I’ll connect you to the owner.

Race Track Stylin'

I LOVED being a part of putting on ‘A Day at the Races’ fundraiser.  Hat contest with celebrity judges,horses racing by, yummy food, fantastic prizes..

And I got to take pictures.  :)

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 Isn’t this hilarious?!

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Maureen is so lovely.

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 This is a hot hat.

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 I wish I could see what they are seeing!

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 And the horses.

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 Willardo.  Moving back to Tasmania.  Sigh..  I’m sad.

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 The winning horse from the race named after Building Opportunities with Business (BOB)!

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 And the presentation of the BOB horsey blanket.

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The hat contest begins!

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Our celebrity judges:  The Fluvogs, Kim Cathers (from Project Runway and now ‘Our Social Fabric‘), Miranda and Reilly Leivers (of Blue Olive Photography

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I love the color.

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Beautious Bec

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The 2nd place hat winner.This is one of the girls looking to open up a youth run skate shop and vintage clothing store in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. 

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 That’s me!  Not to brag..  :)  But my hat started out as a witches cap.

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 Candice and the winning hat she created.

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And the 3rd place hat is.. 

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 An acrylic sculpture donated for our raffle from Associated Plastics.  Cool, eh?

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 One more look at the winning hat!

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Finally! Guacira and the morgue

It was so much fun running into Guacira of Online Strategy at the Tweetup Vancouver Police Museum.  I was looking for a victim of my photography skills..  And since she happened to be lying on the autopsy table..  I’d say it was a match made in heaven.  Thanks Guacira for cruising the tweetup with Daniel, Candice and myself.  It was fun!  Till the next time..

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Tweetup at the Police Museum

Chris Mathieson hosted a super fun event at the Vancouver Police Museum.  The evening was complete with Ballistic and Blood Splatter lessons.  If you want to check it out for yourself here is the link for thier blog.

 Recognize this little guy from Expo ‘86??  I love him. 

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Meet Expo Ernie.

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 My fellow Vancouver explorers.  Dan and Candice.

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 Also know as Dandice.

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 The Vancouver Police Museum is located in the old city morgue.  Many of the instruments are still on display.

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 Chris teaching us about autopsy’s and the tools they use.

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 For sucking out the blood.

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 Create your own criminal.

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 The lovely Lorraine Murphy, Vancouver blogging guru.

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 As it was a tweetup..  There was much twittering about.

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 One neat thing about the Police museum, is that you get to find out about the historical crimes that went down in our city.

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A sneak peak.. The Morgue and Guacira

I attended the Tweetup at The Police Museum on Wednesday with my bro and sis in law.  Now The Police Museum is located in the old city morgue and I just so happened to come across Guacira (@OnlineStrategy) posing on the autopsy table.  It was such a cool photo opportunity, that we decided to make a photoshoot of it!

Here is a sneak peak of one of the pictures of the beautiful Guacira in front of the body refrigerators.  More to come!


My first blog post. Stationary!

Is it odd that my first blog post is about stationary?  You see..  I have a good friend.  He’s creating a great website for conversation.  For community.  For people that ‘get it’.  So of course..  He needs stationary pictures!   But of the most classic assortment.

 I love this first piece.  Since when do sharpeners come with thier own leather cases?  Back in the day of classics and quality..  That’s when.


 Rulers just aren’t made this gorgeous and pocket size anymore. 20100531-IMG_3173.jpg