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Ram & Jules Go to Market

My good friend Liz and I, went for a visit to see Ram and Julie, Ty, Arthur and Merlyn in Cumberland.  Julie is the proud owner/operator of Faithful Friends..  A fabulous homemade dog treat, dog training and dog toy company. 

We had a few adventures on the island, and at the Courtenay Farmer’s Market.  After stopping in to see Julie, I found honey, canned beats..  And Estevan Tuna!  Why is Estevan Tuna so special?  Well, I grew up in Estevan Saskatchewan, so seeing Tuna caught on the boat called Estevan, and meeting the fisherman was just fabulous.

Enjoy the market, the Cumberland tour and the pet photoshoot!

Thanks for such a great weekend Ram and Julie..  Liz and I may just have to stay longer next time!  Three weeks, perhaps?  :)














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The light was warm, the air was crisp and the sky was gorgeous.  The perfect fall day in Calgary to take a few headshots.  Check these out..

Photo Session - Andrea, Arnel & Family

I had a FABULOUS afternoon in Calgary with Andrea, Arnel and their super cute kids, Zavier and Quinn.  It was great roming around Glenmore Park and seriously..  Andrea’s red boots just made my day.  :)

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Caroline, Colin & Zoe's Calgary Portraits

It was so great to hang out with Caroline, Colin and Zoe.  I had so much fun!  Zoe’s cuteness and creativity just made my day.  Thank you Colin and Caroline for the lovely afternoon and the chance to share such a special time with you!

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An Autumn Stroll

It’s fall time!  I love the changing leaves, and staying inside with a hot drink all day..  Guilt free.  It’s too chilly outside!  Except for a photowalk of course.  this walk was through Mount Pleasant and up to Commercial Drive.  The last stop was at JJ Bean for a jasmine tea and mocha with my good friend Hope.  I was experimenting with ‘fill flash’ so enjoy the play on natural and not so natural light.

Revs Bowling!

Liz is a part of a bowling league.  But since she’ll miss this week, she had to go to Revs, bowl and get her score so that her team wouldn’t be behind.  We decided to make a party of it!  So a group of us strapped on our bowling shoes, stretched out our two middle fingers, and we let ‘er fly!

We thought we sorta looked like bowling superheros. 

A Walk on the Contrasting Side

Recently my good friend Krystal and I decided to take our 50 mm lens’ for a walk.  I thought it would be a good night to explore contrast.  Black and whites, traffic and sidewalks, upscale eating and alley wondering.  You’ll notice out night becomes brighter as we wander from Strathcona, to the dtes and finally gastown.

Oh baby.

My very good friends Amanda and Paul, excited to be pregnant! Congratulations to both of you..

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Fantasy Makeup

Candice canvas no longer rests on an easel..  Instead, she sits on a chair.  An artist first, she’s expanding her skills from painting, as she is taking Global Makeup at Blanche MacDonald in Vancouver. 

Today was all about Fantasy. 

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 Candice as model.

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Ocean Winds

It was a crazy windy day, and my good friend Amber and I decided to go to English Bay, drink tea and watch the ocean sunset.  It was so gorgeous.  I love the ocean, and I love prairie wind so standing on the edge of the ocean with the wind blowing so full in my face, was the best of both worlds.

Take a deep breathe, relax, imagine the wind on your face and enjoy. -2951.jpg-2948.jpg

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