The Coffee Cup Revolution

binner  `bin-ner\ – noun
1.  A person who collects redeemable containers and other  things from bins to sustain their livelihood and to divert waste from landfills; a dumpster diver

This year I am excited to be the official film maker for the Binner’s Project event, The Coffee Cup Revolution.  Last year I was one of the offical photographers, alongside the wonderful Susan Mendel.  As I prepare to make the switch to video (eeeeesh!), here are a few of my favorite photos from last year, 2014.

About binners.  These are some of my favorite folks on the Downtown Eastside and beyond.  They are crazy hard working, they walk for miles and miles, are incredibly creative and recycle all the things we are too lazy to.  With these photos, I hope I do them justice.

About the event.  The Coffee Cup Revolution takes place for the second consecutive year in Vancouver’s Victory Square, Vancouver. An anticipated 200 binners will collect coffee cups from around the Lower Mainland for a 5-cent refund for one day.

Not only does this event honour the hard work of our cities binners, it also shows us the amount coffee cups that go to the landfill. 


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