90th Birthday Workout Party

Once upon a time (in March of 2014), Noah’s grandpa turned 90.  Noah, graciously, brought his fiance (that’s me!) to meet his grandparents and celebrate this monumental occasion.  Noah’s father and his lovely wife Steph joined us from France.  We assumed that they came all that way to cook us really delicious meals (so delicious),but apparently they also wanted to join the celebrations!

Every year, on his birthday, Noah’s grandpa performs his feat of strength.  Check out the big stir grandpops created on Reddit on his 89th birthday!  This year was a bit shakier health wise, but apparently he couldn’t let us leave without showing off his pole moves.

So after cake, a walk on the beach and supper by the ocean, he showed us that he’s still got it.

 Birthday supper at one of his favorite restaurants.

 What would a 90th birthday party be without photos in the swamp?  Sadly, we didn’t run into any crocs.

 He’s still got it!  And Noah, bravely follows in grandpops footsteps.

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