Ice Cream Party!

A spontaneous Labour Day garden party was a perfect way to eat ice cream, bring together friends and share toppings! Island Farms Vanilla and Moose Tracks.  Oh my stars. 

The rules..

Bring $2 to pitch in for ice cream.  The ice cream was destined for a wedding..  But forgotten!  So we thought we’d help out the honeymooning couple by eating some..  And giving them toonies in exchange!

Wear white!  Apparently that is the traditional Labour Day thing.  No more white shorts in the fall season!

Bring a topping..  Baileys, fresh strawberry jam, mint and blueberries picked for the event, peaches, plums, chocolate sauce, blackberry liqueur, sprinkles and cranberries!

Warning:  You may need crave ice creamy goodness after checking out this post.  Enjoy!

I believe that below is the universal symbol for, “This is my 3rd ice cream sundae today!”.  Good work Noah.

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