Race Track Stylin'

I LOVED being a part of putting on ‘A Day at the Races’ fundraiser.  Hat contest with celebrity judges,horses racing by, yummy food, fantastic prizes..

And I got to take pictures.  :)

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 Isn’t this hilarious?!

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Maureen is so lovely.

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 This is a hot hat.

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 I wish I could see what they are seeing!

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 And the horses.

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 Willardo.  Moving back to Tasmania.  Sigh..  I’m sad.

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 The winning horse from the race named after Building Opportunities with Business (BOB)!

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 And the presentation of the BOB horsey blanket.

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The hat contest begins!

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Our celebrity judges:  The Fluvogs, Kim Cathers (from Project Runway and now ‘Our Social Fabric‘), Miranda and Reilly Leivers (of Blue Olive Photography

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I love the color.

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Beautious Bec

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The 2nd place hat winner.This is one of the girls looking to open up a youth run skate shop and vintage clothing store in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. 

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 That’s me!  Not to brag..  :)  But my hat started out as a witches cap.

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 Candice and the winning hat she created.

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And the 3rd place hat is.. 

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 An acrylic sculpture donated for our raffle from Associated Plastics.  Cool, eh?

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 One more look at the winning hat!

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