Tweetup at the Police Museum

Chris Mathieson hosted a super fun event at the Vancouver Police Museum.  The evening was complete with Ballistic and Blood Splatter lessons.  If you want to check it out for yourself here is the link for thier blog.

 Recognize this little guy from Expo ‘86??  I love him. 

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Meet Expo Ernie.

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 My fellow Vancouver explorers.  Dan and Candice.

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 Also know as Dandice.

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 The Vancouver Police Museum is located in the old city morgue.  Many of the instruments are still on display.

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 Chris teaching us about autopsy’s and the tools they use.

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 For sucking out the blood.

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 Create your own criminal.

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 The lovely Lorraine Murphy, Vancouver blogging guru.

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 As it was a tweetup..  There was much twittering about.

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 One neat thing about the Police museum, is that you get to find out about the historical crimes that went down in our city.

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