Finally! Guacira and the morgue

It was so much fun running into Guacira of Online Strategy at the Tweetup Vancouver Police Museum.  I was looking for a victim of my photography skills..  And since she happened to be lying on the autopsy table..  I’d say it was a match made in heaven.  Thanks Guacira for cruising the tweetup with Daniel, Candice and myself.  It was fun!  Till the next time..

20 quality-50.jpg

20 quality-25.jpg

20 quality-24.jpg

20 quality-23.jpg

20 quality-21.jpg

20 quality-20.jpg

20 quality-18.jpg

20 quality-49.jpg

20 quality-48.jpg


20 quality-32.jpg

20 quality-34.jpg

20 quality-35.jpg

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