Ram & Jules Go to Market

My good friend Liz and I, went for a visit to see Ram and Julie, Ty, Arthur and Merlyn in Cumberland.  Julie is the proud owner/operator of Faithful Friends..  A fabulous homemade dog treat, dog training and dog toy company. 

We had a few adventures on the island, and at the Courtenay Farmer’s Market.  After stopping in to see Julie, I found honey, canned beats..  And Estevan Tuna!  Why is Estevan Tuna so special?  Well, I grew up in Estevan Saskatchewan, so seeing Tuna caught on the boat called Estevan, and meeting the fisherman was just fabulous.

Enjoy the market, the Cumberland tour and the pet photoshoot!

Thanks for such a great weekend Ram and Julie..  Liz and I may just have to stay longer next time!  Three weeks, perhaps?  :)














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