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Instruments of Change

Once again, I have been invited into The Binner’s Project to photograph the work they do.  This time, I spent time with a few binners as they binned for items that can be used for the Instruments of Change  project.  Eventually, the items they found will be made into instruments and used to create beautiful music.  Amazing, right?  :)

The Carts of Vancouver

The Binners around Vancouver are creatively using all types of carts to recycle, upcycle and gather goods for resale.  These men and women are some of our communities hardest working, longest walking and most innovative group.  Below is the photo documentation of a few of the carts being used on the streets around Vancouver.

This photo project is done in partnership with The Binner’s Project.  The Binner’s Project is an innovative social and economic initiative dedicated to working with and for binners in Vancouver and Montreal.

 This is one of the UBU carts designed just before the 2010 Olympics for binning, but unfortunately, it is not in wide use. 

 A big thanks to Davin, my partner for the day.

Portland's Homeless Camp is Making a Difference

Right 2 Dream Too is not just a homeless camp in the heart of Portland, Oregon.  It is a self organized, thoughtful group of people that are making a big difference for those who have no where to go in their city.

A big thank you to the whole crew at R2DToo for inviting us into your home and for your blessing in taking these pictures to tell your story.

To support or learn more about this group you can check out their blog or Facebook page.

 The camp has a day sleeping area (shown below) and a tenting area for members.  Volunteers and members wash all the bedding daily, and keep the space clean.

 The kitchen!  And dishwashing area.

The members work together in cooking meals and providing food.

 Here is the tenting area for members.  I say tenting, but most tents have been set up as a home.


 A big thank you to Amy for showing me around!

 Ronny sharing about the doors that enclose the camp, and why each one is special.

The Coffee Cup Revolution

binner  `bin-ner\ – noun
1.  A person who collects redeemable containers and other  things from bins to sustain their livelihood and to divert waste from landfills; a dumpster diver

This year I am excited to be the official film maker for the Binner’s Project event, The Coffee Cup Revolution.  Last year I was one of the offical photographers, alongside the wonderful Susan Mendel.  As I prepare to make the switch to video (eeeeesh!), here are a few of my favorite photos from last year, 2014.

About binners.  These are some of my favorite folks on the Downtown Eastside and beyond.  They are crazy hard working, they walk for miles and miles, are incredibly creative and recycle all the things we are too lazy to.  With these photos, I hope I do them justice.

About the event.  The Coffee Cup Revolution takes place for the second consecutive year in Vancouver’s Victory Square, Vancouver. An anticipated 200 binners will collect coffee cups from around the Lower Mainland for a 5-cent refund for one day.

Not only does this event honour the hard work of our cities binners, it also shows us the amount coffee cups that go to the landfill. 


90th Birthday Workout Party

Once upon a time (in March of 2014), Noah’s grandpa turned 90.  Noah, graciously, brought his fiance (that’s me!) to meet his grandparents and celebrate this monumental occasion.  Noah’s father and his lovely wife Steph joined us from France.  We assumed that they came all that way to cook us really delicious meals (so delicious),but apparently they also wanted to join the celebrations!

Every year, on his birthday, Noah’s grandpa performs his feat of strength.  Check out the big stir grandpops created on Reddit on his 89th birthday!  This year was a bit shakier health wise, but apparently he couldn’t let us leave without showing off his pole moves.

So after cake, a walk on the beach and supper by the ocean, he showed us that he’s still got it.

 Birthday supper at one of his favorite restaurants.

 What would a 90th birthday party be without photos in the swamp?  Sadly, we didn’t run into any crocs.

 He’s still got it!  And Noah, bravely follows in grandpops footsteps.

Coming to Calgary!

 I’m so excited to come to Calgary September 20-22! 

And it’s fall, the leaves will be turning, and it’s the perfect time for family photos.  I have a special package for families or couples simply looking for a few special pictures for thier Christmas cards and to update their family album. Drop me an email if you are interested!  photosbylani@outlook.com

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Somewhere to call home.

These photographs are part of a project that is in the works, with a non profit in Vancouver.  They peak into the world of individuals who are living in homeless shelters, and those who have transitioned out of homelessness, and are now in their own place to call home.

You’ll notice that each picture keeps people annonymous.  This is because many are in transition..  And we want to respect the identities of the individuals who are sharing their lives with us.

And don’t worry..  I’ll let you know how to see the rest of this project soon enough.  :)

These photos are dear to my heart, and I hope that they touch yours.

Polar Bear Madness in Van.. 2013!

As you look at these pictures, I think you’ll want to press play below..  :)  Noah Brunn, who is usually jumping in the icy cold water on New Year’s Day, decided that he would record the crazy sounds that he hears each year as his body immerses in the Polar Bear waters.  And of course I needed to capture the wonder of it all on my Canon.

Enjoy the madness that is the Vancouver Polar Bear Swim 2013!












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Wheel Building.. Spokin' It!

 Hi all!

I LOVED my photo session with long time bike mechanic and wheel builder, Adam Wasik.  I had the opportunity to document the journey of a wheel bits..  Becoming a wheel.  :)  Enjoy the journey through the world of spokes and hammers!






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Sneaky peak!

I always love photographing this crew..  And now they are expecting a plus one!  Congratulations Stephanie, John and Nathan.  This is just a quick peak at the photos to come.  Enjoy!